Water Management Program in Folsom Lake

Folsom lake has comprehensive Water Management Program designed by specialists for saving the water and keeping the lake out of drought conditions. The major component of the program for water management is an effort designed for educating the residents and authorities regarding water conservation: needs, strategies and tips.

Water Management Program in Folsom Lake

Folsom Lake Water Management Program

Folsom Water Management Program aims at giving strategies for residents and officials for water saving services. It gives information for right businesses and provides water conservation tips for residents. The highlights of this service program are as follows: read more about water management on : http://www.kcra.com/news/water-managers-slows-water-flows-through-folsom-nimbus-dams/38610254

  • Public Outreaching: The water conservation program aims at reducing the usage of water and providing necessary information for the general people to do their best in avoiding the wastage of this resource. The information can be provided for the appropriate use of water in residential terms.
  • Commercial Usage: Your business requires water in some or the other way. The wasteful practices should be kept in checklist and there should be the best ways followed to save water. Saving water for next generations is an important goal.
  • Water Wise House Calls: It is the way in which the residential water usage can be evaluated freely. Water Wise House calls can even work well for an agricultural checkup for water usage.
  • Rebates: There are many ways in which you can get the rebate for water supplies. You can check with the requirements of state government to see if you qualify for any option.
  • Large Irrigation Audits: These are the specialized irrigation evaluations for the customers with larger landscapes.
  • Community Presentations: There are many group activities undertaken on large basis for giving information regarding landscaping, saving water, checking issues related to water supply and undertaking the best means to save this precious resource. Water conservation is the most important need for today.

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